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The town, which is 8 km away from Marmaris, is the most preferred holiday destination by local and foreign tourists in summer. Famous for its water sports, the town is home to you with its magnificent blue flag beach. Daily boat tours crown your holiday with sunbathing on the fine sand of Cleopatra island and many islands.The closest airport to the region is Dalaman airport and it is 90 km away 1 hour. It takes 20 minutes. We have Wi-Fi cold drinks in our VIP vehicles.You can make a reservation on our website and contact whatsapp quickly to make a safe and pleasant journey with professional drivers.

Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists prefer Marmaris for a holiday intertwined with nature and where opportunities are abundant. Marmaris, on the other hand, offers tourists an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its beautiful towns. Among these towns, İçmeler is among the first preferred places. Icmeler, which used to be a fishing village, has recently become very popular. It is possible to reach this beautiful town, which is 8 km away from the center, with a 10-minute journey. So , what are the unknowns and wonders about Icmeler, one of the beauties of Marmaris ? Here are the unknowns about Icmeler, the beautiful town of Marmaris…

When should I go to Icmeler?

Icmeler is a town with a Mediterranean climate. Winter months are warm and rainy; summers are hot and humid. The temperatures are at their highest in July and June. Icmeler can be visited all summer long. But if you are looking for peace and quiet, it can be preferred in spring and autumn.

How to get to Icmeler?

Icmeler is a town of Marmaris. Therefore, transportation can be provided from the center of Marmaris. The distance between Icmeler and Marmaris center is 8 km. This means that it is approximately 10 minutes away. Buses departing from the center during the day reach Icmeler in 15-20 minutes. Buses are available throughout the day, including at night. You can take the bus to reach Marmaris. Buses reach Marmaris in 13 hours from Istanbul, 5 hours from Izmir and 10 hours from Ankara. In addition, by choosing to travel by plane, you can also land at Dalaman Airport, which is the closest to Marmaris. Transfer or shuttle services are available from the airport.

What are the activities that can be done in Icmeler?

It is possible to spend a very pleasant time in Icmeler. Icmeler's beach is among the reasons for preference. That's why you can swim here and on the beaches nearby. Also, water sports are very popular in Icmeler . These include water sports such as banana, canoeing and parasailing. In addition, angling or nature walks can be done.

Marmaris Icmeler tours

Boat tours in Marmaris İçmeler are a very enjoyable alternative to spend time. Daily boat tours are organized from Icmeler to places such as Dalyan and Iztuzu. With these tours, it is possible to go to magnificent beaches such as Cleopatra. In addition to these tours, you can also choose the tours that go to the coves near İçmeler.

Icmeler Beach and nearby beaches

Icmeler is one of the most important towns of Marmaris. The abundance of accommodation does not prevent you from using the beach efficiently. You can swim in the sea from Icmeler in a very pleasant way. Icmeler Beach has a magnificent view. When you look from the beach to the opposite side, a magnificent sea and small islets catch your eye. High hills covered with forests give you the opportunity to rest. Among the beaches close to Icmeler Beach are Turunc and Kumlubuk. Turunc is 21 km from Marmaris. There are facilities in this region, which has a clean beach and a clear sea. Kumlubuk is located right next to it. There are no facilities here. But there is another alternative. It has a very clean sea.

What is Icmeler's cuisine like?

Icmeler; It stands out with its cuisine as well as its sea, nature and atmosphere. In this region where typical Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine is found; It is possible to come across olive oil dishes, herb dishes and salads frequently. You can also consume fresh seafood. Among the local delicacies, it is possible to find foods and desserts such as nip, çıtırmak dessert, çıntar meatballs, honey zucchini and katmer. Kebab and meatball alternatives are available in many restaurants for fast consumption.


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