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Akyaka, Ula

Akyaka is a neighborhood of Muğla 's Ula district .

Located at the eastern end of Gökova Bay, the neighborhood is an important tourism center.


Akyaka, which is believed to have been inhabited since ancient times, remained a secluded little fishing district until recent years. The recognition of Akyaka by the masses dates back to the 1970s. In those years, tourism activities started, albeit on a very small scale.

Visitors from surrounding provinces and districts and big cities have started to build summer houses and touristic facilities in Akyaka for the untouched nature of Akyaka and its breeze that never ceases even in summer. With the tourism boom in the 1980s, Akyaka took on the appearance of today's "tourist resort".

Akyaka, which became headman in 1971, became a municipality on November 2, 1991 by taking the status of municipality. It became a neighborhood with the law numbered 6360, which was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 12 November 2012 .

Geolocation and features

Akyaka, located within the borders of the province of Muğla at the southwestern tip of Turkey, is at the eastern end of the Gulf of Gökova . Located in the middle of Marmaris and Muğla , within the borders of the Ula district, the population of Akyaka neighborhood is around 1,500 in winter and reaches 3-4 thousand in summer. Akyaka , where the Gulf of Gökova ends, has a 1000-meter - high Sakartepe Mountain in the north and the Gökova Plain in the south, gaining popularity due to its location. In the spring, different kinds of birds come to the reed beds of the "Gökova" plain.

One of the most popular beaches of Akyaka is Çınar Beach. The Çınar beach, which is located on the Ören road and has an asphalt road along the coast, is easily accessible, and the distance between Akyaka and Akyaka is approximately 3 km. If you follow the Çınar beach road , you can reach Akbük Bay and then Ören ( Gereme , Keramos ).

An alternative route to visit in Akyaka is the water spring, which is known as the Women's River and is famous for its natural beauties. Water sports, surfing , canoeing can be done in the town, and the environment can be visited with mountain bikes. Regular trips are made by sea to Azmak River in the short distance and to Sedir Island in the long distance . The otter ( lutra lutra ) is the famous but secret guest of the Women's River.

Paragliding can be done in Sakartepe, north of Akyaka .

Although there are very few people who are engaged in agriculture in Akyaka, its lands are wet and fertile. The local people, whose livelihoods were farming and animal husbandry, have kept up with the rapidly developing tourism sector in the last 10 years.

Akyaka town is very special in terms of architecture and there is a uniform architectural requirement in the town. A synthesis unique to Akyaka has been created by combining the old houses of Ula with today's modern architecture by taking the old houses of Ula as an example. Houses were built with local Muğla chimneys and two-storey flowered gardens, with plenty of woodwork inside and outside, which do not contrast with the natural beauty. In 1983, Nail Çakırhan won the Aga Khan Architecture Award for his house that he built and carries traditional architecture, although he did not have an architectural education .


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