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Excursions around Marmaris

Marmaris fascinated you - but want to explore more? That's okay, because the lively Aegean town is an ideal starting point for day trips. For example, how about a trip to the neighboring Greek island of Rhodes, easily accessible by ferry ? Or are you visiting Bodrum , known as "Turkish Saint Tropez" with its unique Mediterranean charm ? You can also visit the historical rock tombs in Fethiye and the archaeological treasures of Amos .

Famous harbor entrance: Rhodes city

About 18 kilometers of waterway separates #Marmaris from the Greek island of Rhodes. Depending on the ferry, you need one to two hours to reach Greece's popular tourist magnet. When you arrive in #Rhodes , you can not only admire the beautiful old town with the Palace of the Grand Masters, which rightfully belongs to the #UNESCO World Heritage List , but also walk in the footsteps of the Statue of Rhodes. This bronze statue, nearly 30 meters high, which no longer exists today, was one of the seven awe-inspiring wonders of the ancient world.

Excursion to Bodrum

Just like Marmaris, Bodrum comes with a beautiful bay that invites you to dreams. Look forward to the Mediterranean setting that will inevitably remind you of southern France . There are lots of beaches here - perhaps a change from the pebble beaches of Marmaris? You can also visit the 15th century Bodrum Castle , which now houses an underwater archeology museum and is similar in function to Marmaris Castle . Enjoy the vast sea view from Bodrum and dream of distant worlds!

Journey to Fethiye

If you are vacationing in Marmaris, Fethiye is about two hours away by car. The journey is rewarded with the magnificent Ölüdeniz Beach and sea promenade . You can also visit the # Lycian Rock Tombs, which are considered one of the highlights of Fethiye . After all, there is a well-known historical site here: #Amyntas Temple Tomb.

Visit from Amos

However, you can also experience the archaeological ruins almost right next to Marmaris : the ancient ruins of Amos are impressive with temple ruins and a very well preserved amphitheater. It is just a stone's throw from your chosen residence in Marmaris and is also ideal for a trip if you have a little less time.

All travel information for Marmaris

Marmaris trip is approaching and you want to think about everything? Find it here!

choose travel time

When is the best time to go to Marmaris? This is true almost all year round, because around 300 days of sunshine is common in the Aegean. You can also look forward to mild winters and warm summers. As a general rule, the more central the travel time is during the year, the hotter it can be. On the other hand, if you come in late spring or early autumn, you won't break a sweat.


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