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Rafting, Marmaris

Rafting, Marmaris

Conqu conquer Marmaris rapids! Thrilling rafting adventure on the Dalaman River. Nature & adrenalin!

  • Marmaris

Service Description

For your rafting tour, you are picked up from your hotels by air-conditioned shuttles between 06.30 -07.30. After 1 hour and 15 minutes following your departure time from Marmaris, you reach the property and receive your breakfast buffet, which is included in your fare, with tea or coffee service. After breakfast, you take a short info to the rafting point by shuttle or small boat, and at the end of the approximately 45-minute journey you reach the top points of dalaman tea. After the second info you will receive here, you are divided into groups of 8 individuals under the leadership of professional guides and go back to your boats. We're sunuz. When you get to the property, you eat your lunch, which is also included in the fare (chicken sauté, rice and salad), and then we watch the videos of the day. If you wish, you can have these videos for a fee. After an adrenaline-fuelled, cheerful, fun and exhausting day, you are released back to your otels around 7 p.m.

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