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Go Kart, Marmaris

Go Kart, Marmaris

Adrenaline Filled Go Kart Fun in Marmaris!

  • Marmaris

Service Description

The Go Kart is a tour of an open and private track in small four-wheeled vehicles. These single-person vehicles have a special design, so it's a tour that easily accelerates and gives you  adventure as a racer. It is one of the most beautiful activities you will do to add another excitement to your holiday and to have an amazing fun time with your loved ones.  According to the time zone you have booked for Go Karta, a transfer vehicle will pick you up at your accommodation and leave you back at the end of the tour. All equipment will be provided to you by specialists on the track to ensure your driving safety before making a Go Kart.   You don't need to have any experience for the Go Card , you  just need to be over 7 years old. The vehicles are 200 cc Honda brand and automatic gears.  The driving of the vehicle, in which you will only use the brake and throttle pedals  and  guide it with the steering wheel, is very simple. 1 race consists of 20 laps.

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