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All Inclusive Boat Trip, Marmaris

Marmaris Boat Trip: All Inclusive! Swim, Relax, Explore. Fun in the sun!

  • Marmaris

Service Description

Depending on your location in Marmaris for a pirate boat tour, you are picked up from your hotels between 09.00 and 09.30 in the morning by air-conditioned shuttles. After a journey that lasts a maximum of 15 minutes, you reach your boat. As soon as you enter the boat, tea and coffee service begins for you, you can sit at the tables and continue your morning conversation or you can start enjoying the Marmaris sun by going to the sunbathing areas. Your tour is organized in the all-inclusive system and, by law, no soft drinks can be served while connected to the ports, but as soon as our boat is docked, the bar opens and your servisin begins. (s There are a lot of boats in Marmaris that do this tour, so we do this tour in the opposite direction, from the end to the beginning. In this way, a calmer and safer environment is created in the bays where you take a swimming break. You leave Marmaris between 10.15 and 10.30, and after a journey of about half an hour, you arrive at green sea, which is your first hundredth break of 30 minutes. It is called the green sea because the volcanic rocks under the water reflect the sunlight on the surface of the water, resulting in a light green color. During swimming breaks, you can swim down the stairs or jump decks on the platform behind your boat. Afterwards, you take a short 15-minute ride to the town of Turunç, where you can visit the town and shop or take advantage of the public beach for free. Leaving the citrus port, you are served a meal of grilled chicken with sauce, pasta and salad. (food is also included in the price) After a short cruise, you can take another 30-minute swim break in the unique beauty of Kumlubuk bay. Leaving the sandy busk and taking a 30-minute cruise (entertainment while cruising) you go for a photo shoot in the Phosphorous cave and from there you go to THE AQUARIUM BAY of PARADISE ISLAND, your last 30-minute swimming break. You dock at Marmaris pier about 16.30 and your shuttles drop you off at the end of a happy and peaceful day.

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