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Every check you make before you go on a journey with the caravan will save you from wasting time, workload and stress. In addition, it will completely eliminate the risk of having a hard time in a deserted area.

Before setting off;

You should definitely check the fluid levels.

You need to make sure your caravan has enough windshield washer, coolant and oil. You should take care to check the dipstick when your caravan is on level ground.

You should never skip caravan energy providers and battery check.

The caravan must have two batteries. One is for activating the motor and the other is for providing the energy you need during your stay. You must ensure that both batteries are fully charged. For empty batteries, you can use the built-in voltmeter in the caravan or a multimeter from the battery terminals. If the battery displays a voltage of 12.4 volts or less, it is in a discharged state and will be damaged if left in this state. A voltage of 12.7 and above will make the battery fully charged.

In the battery check, you should check the condition of the batteries and check if there are cracks, bulges, crevices and any traces of liquid around the battery box. If the battery is damaged, you must definitely replace it.

Tire control is vital.

It is important that your caravan tires are in good and roadworthy condition.

You should check the outside of the tire walls and whether there is at least 1.6 mm tread width in the tire tread pattern 75%, and have information about the age of the tires. Tires should change between the ages of 5 or 7 years. The age of the tire can be found by looking at the four numbers on the side of the tire. You should check the pressure of all your tires, including the spare tire, and use a comfortable pressure monitor to constantly check it.

You should examine the vehicle wiring system.

If there are any splits, thinning, or problems with plugs in the wiring system of the vehicle, repairing will not solve the problem. You must definitely replace it with a new one.

It is necessary not to skip throttle control.

You need to check the color of the flame by opening the stove and oven of the caravan. Blue flame indicates that everything is fine, and yellow and different flame colors indicate that there is a problem. You should definitely have it checked by an expert. It is also useful to check the gas hoses. If the date stamp is over five years and is damaged, you should definitely replace it. On the way, you should make sure that the gas is off and the tubes are stable.

Road lights must be in working order.

While the caravan is running, you need to make sure that the headlights, side lights, indicators, fog lights, brake lights and systems are intact.


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