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As in all areas of life, correct and clean water is of vital importance in caravans. Systems that provide ease of use of water are a very important issue for a caravan holiday. With the right water system, it is possible to have taps with hot and cold water flowing just like in your home. It is very easy to have instant access to cold water and hot water during caravan travel.

There are systems that draw water directly to the clean water tank of the caravan, not by carrying the water. If you have this system, you need to make sure that the water to be stored is clean and fresh water before the process. The suction-powered hose system included in the caravan draws water into the water tank like a vacuum cleaner. It is a system that can prevent you from constantly carrying water with cans and from getting tired. Another system is that the water inlet mounted on the wall of your caravan is directly connected to the tank. It is just like the pump hole that loads fuel into your vehicle, and water is pumped from the hole to the tank via a motor.

It can be used in your caravan similar to the boiler at home. It is possible to use it by mounting it under your caravan sofa. They are systems that allow hot and cold water to flow from the taps at the same time. The amount of energy it will use varies according to its size. It is also possible for the water going to the kitchen faucet to reach the shower in the caravan with a separate installation.

You have the opportunity to provide drinking water with low energy portable dispensers fixed to the caravan. You can directly obtain cold water and hot water to prepare your drinks.

Since water equipment is used continuously, they need regular maintenance and cleaning. If you want to continue using quality water, you need to keep the systems up-to-date and make sure that the plumbing pipes passed through the caravan are not burst and leak-proof.


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