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Making the right use of water is very important in the caravan as it is everywhere. Measures to be taken for the sensitivity to the correct use of water resources;


Showering in the caravan is an important time if you want to save water during your stay. We recommend scheduling your showers as fast as possible using your phone or an hourglass. Don't forget to turn off the water while soaping, you will save a few minutes! There are also economical shower heads on the market.

They are used in the same way as conventional buttons. However , these limit the flow and save you up to 75% water .

Don't forget to press the flush button shorter in the toilet. You do not need to press the button all the way.

collect the water

We don't think about it right away, but it is possible to collect rainwater in a tank and use it later. For example, to wash the floor of your caravan ! You can also recycle it to wash the outside of your car or wash your dishes! For dishes, we recommend using two sinks, one for cleaning and one for rinsing. So you will use less water than usual.

You do not need to use drinking water for these tasks!

the right equipment

fuel can

Use a bin, you can use it to wash dishes, clean your laundry or just to help you out.

sun shower

Prefer the sun shower! This is the cheapest way to use water in a caravan . Practical for sunny days, all you have to do is let it warm up in the sun!

Webasto's Sinkmiser

With this accessory, water will only flow when the desired temperature is ready. For example, you'll be alerted when it's hot, thanks to a color-changing light! In this way, you do not waste cold water and the gray water tank fills more slowly.


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