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There are two types of plugs we can find when we go to the campsite, the classic round plug with earth connection and a completely different plug that our caravan usually carries.

Your caravan usually comes with a normally male CETAC type plug. It is also called the Camping Plug. Basically a high-capacity outlet and let's say "industrial".

You will need an adapter as many campsites have a "regular" plug (round plug with earth connection).

The technical name of the regular plug is Schuko, so we will need a CETAC Female to Schuko Male adapter.

It's important to be outside because of the rains we may have at the campsite.

Plug caps are essential for outdoor use but are not the only indicator.

The only indication for safe outdoor use in this case is the IP 44 Water protection IP code .

I recommend the previous option as many outlets in campgrounds are locked and there is almost no space available.

It should be noted that those who go to the store or by minibus and need a normal plug will be the only adapter they will buy.

With these adapters there will be no more camps to resist us.

There are other possibilities such as carrying a CETAC Female CETAC Male cable approximately 15 meters long and then a CETAC Female SCHUKO male adapter for campsites with a lifetime plug, but I choose this option because it is the most flexible.


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