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When we say camp and caravan, we think of people frying marshmallows on sticks by the fire. Cooking in a trailer can be tiring and tasteless without the right knowledge. As Campervan Turkey, we have compiled recipes for you that you can cook and eat with pleasure in or out of the caravan. You will love these recipes so much that they will take their place in your book as your traditional caravan meals.

What you can cook on the barbecue;

The classic understanding of barbecue is to cook meat, fish, chicken by marinating or sauce. Since the breast part of the chicken is lean, it is not liked very much in the barbecue. Beat the breast of the chicken and thin it out, mix it with vegetables, wrap it and cook it on the barbecue. You can be sure that you will experience a delicious chicken breast.

You can get a healthy and delicious soup by roasting vegetables.

Roast your favorite vegetables and chop them into tiny pieces with a knife. Fry it with oil and a spoonful of flour and add water. Season with the spices you want.

Cheer up roasted vegetables with yogurt and garlic.

Marinate the meat and place it in aluminum foil. Then bury it in the embers. You can enjoy meat in the tandoor at the caravan camp.

Clean the fish you cooked on the grill and spread it into the lavash you made in the pan, add the roasted pepper and eggplant, add salt and greens to enjoy a delicious wrap.

Turn a roasted potato into a perfectly smooth purée with a little milk and butter.

You can cook everything in your dreams over the fire that you cannot use at home. It is both delicious and enjoyable, but it is not right to consume meat all the time. You need to be careful about a balanced diet.


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