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Top 10 Travel Mobile Apps

We have prepared a selection of the Top 10. These are the best mobile apps that every traveler should have on their smartphone.

The development of mobile technology has helped bring travel to a new level. It doesn't matter whether you're traveling with your tour operator or on your own. Either way, modern apps on your mobile phone can greatly facilitate your travel and save you from unnecessary worries.

The best mobile apps for travelers


iOS, Android

You can decide where to go and what to listen to by downloading the application, which contains audio guides to the cities and museums of the world, for free. After installation on the device, it is recommended to allow access to the location. After that, it will be possible to move along the route map and at the same time listen to the tour. The application works online. However, if you download a tour route in advance, you can use the app onsite and without Internet access. In both cases it works fine. Audio guides contain free and paid content. The application works on the basis of Google maps, so you should download the part of the map that interests you in advance.

WiFi Map

iOS, WiFi Map

Android Mobile applications such as these are very useful for travelers. It scans the environment and notifies the subscriber if there are free WiFi hotspots around. Thus, you can find and connect to the Internet for free on a trip. The database contains more than 100 million access points and is constantly updated. There is a free version that shows access points within a radius of up to 2 km. Users of the paid version have the opportunity to download complete maps of cities with hotspots directly on their mobile phones. The program has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

Flush Toilet Finder

iOS, Android

Going to the public restroom is something that no one usually plans for when traveling. But what if there is a need, but no one to ask? Flush Toilet Finder application was created for such cases. The database is constantly updated with information on more than 100,000 public toilets worldwide. When an object is found, the app draws a route on Google Maps and reports the cost of going to the toilet if it's not free.


iOS, Android

A free app where you can pre-download the necessary maps and use them offline while traveling. Almost all cities and countries. Geolocation and navigation studies. You can create routes, search for objects on the map, create bookmarks. Once you have marked the location of your hotel, you will always be able to return easily without outside help.

Flights, hotels, attractions


iOS, Android

A mobile app to quickly find cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. They will allow you to analyze and choose the best prices for a given period of time. To do this, set the monthly range instead of a specific date and choose the day on which the flight is cheaper. Quickly view the best deals for weekends or popular destinations. After selecting a flight ticket, the application is redirected to the purchase page without paying commission.


Android Application from the world's most popular hotel booking service. With it, you can select and book a hotel directly from your mobile phone. By entering your payment card information, you can pay the accommodation price instantly or you can guarantee payment to the accommodation facility. There are hotels that do not require upfront payment or financial guarantees. All your reservations, confirmations and status are available in the app. After confirming the reservation, he will send a guide to the city where you will live.



Android Free app that provides reviews of attractions, hotels and restaurants around the world. Thanks to user reviews and ratings, it's easy to navigate through the various offers and choose by rating. There is a very useful "Near me now" function that helps to find the nearby object of interest and evaluate the degree of its attractiveness. The application allows you to estimate the cost of visiting a restaurant or cultural site.

And 3 more useful apps

Google Maps

iOS, Android

A set of applications created on the basis of the free Google map service. Today he is not just a traveler and guide. Using the app, you can get directions, find out how much a ride on Uber or other taxi services will cost, choose a hotel, see the menu at a restaurant, and much more.

Google Translate

iOS, Android

More than 100 languages ​​can be downloaded with this app. Many useful functions are available: online translation of 103 languages, offline translation of 59 languages, speech support mode supports 32 languages. It is possible to translate texts, signs and signs taken with a smartphone camera. Also: Use your own expression to translate handwritten texts from 93 languages ​​and use these phrases in the future.

creating your ebook.

XE Converter

iOS, Android

One of the most convenient free currency converters. One of its main advantages is that it works offline. You just need to periodically connect to the Internet and update the database of current exchange rates.


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