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Tips for Finding Affordable Flights

It is advantageous to buy plane tickets in advance, but sometimes you don't know if there will be trips that cannot be calculated until the last moment. Or vice versa, the reason for the trip may appear unexpectedly. That doesn't matter anymore: you can save even if you book a flight for the next few days. Read how to find cheap airfare a week, a few days or even hours before departure.

Traveling is not easy right now. But we still want to continue to inspire you with beautiful places and helpful tips.

Find cheap flights for the coming days:

Change dates to save on flights

Check prices for different dates to catch cheap flights shortly before departure: even a day or two can save you a good amount.

If you're not strict with dates, shift the flight to weekdays: prices will definitely be lower, even when booking at the last minute.

Enter the cities of origin and destination and select "All month" instead of specific dates. This way, you can quickly check which of the available dates is the most profitable to book tickets and catch good deals while they are still available.

How to save on flight even at the last minute: search throughout the month. In addition to low ticket prices, flights outside of the best dates have another plus: airports will be less crowded.

Many destinations become more expensive the closer they are to the departure date. However, if you are relatively free in your choice of resort, you can find low-cost flights even a week or a few days before the flight.

No need to strain your imagination and think about where to go.

Enter a suitable departure point and select "Anywhere" at the destination. Dates can be specific or for the whole month. Click the "Search" button and see a selection of the cheapest flights to different destinations.

Select "Anywhere" to see a list of the most accessible destinations in your city. Before booking, be sure to check up to date travel information during the COVID-19 pandemic: some countries may have special requirements and some have currently suspended tourist visas and temporarily changed entry rules.

Connect the "Track Prices" service

Let's say you've decided where you want to go and there's one more week before you set off. What to do: Buy tickets now? Should I wait until evening or until tomorrow?

It is not worth delaying too much buying tickets: most likely, closer to the departure date, only their price will increase. But you can also watch the dynamics a bit: the more you know about how ticket prices change, the better your chances of bargaining.

Click the bell icon on the search results page to be notified whenever the price of a ticket rises or falls.

Option two: buy a 100% free refund ticket and subscribe to the Track Prices service. If tickets are cheap, return your ticket and issue a new one.

Find out how long before departure tickets become more expensive

Another proven way to navigate the dynamics of ticket prices is to check when tickets are cheaper and when it's more profitable to fly. According to statistics, it shows in which months tickets fall and when it is most profitable to book before departure.

In some areas, flights are not much more expensive than average, even a week or two before departure.

Check the prices of round-trip tickets separately

Buying two separate tickets is more profitable than booking a round trip flight with a single booking. And if you fly to one city and fly to another, it can be not only cheaper, but also more interesting.

Search for tickets to a nearby airport

Are the tickets to the right place already sold out? Ask about flights arriving at a nearby airport. But if you sit down with a guidebook in the evening, chart a route, and rent a car on the spot, it could be the start of a journey that will be remembered for years to come.

use miles

If you've joined airline loyalty programs and have accumulated bonus miles, one of the best ways to spend them is on a spontaneous trip departing in the coming days.

Ordinary tickets for money become significantly more expensive the closer they get to the departure date, and the mileage fees do not change.

True, flight miles are usually only included in the fare and fares are paid in cash, and some airlines have penalties for late purchase of award tickets. But with days, even hours, before departure and regular ticket prices skyrocket, tickets for miles can be a relief and an elegant way out of the situation.

Don't miss airline deals

It's almost unrealistic to catch airline promotions and sales at the last moment before take off. But there are bonuses that do not depend on the time of booking. If you buy a ticket though, they It would be a shame not to use it.

Carriers often offer discounts on hotels or car rentals when booking airline tickets – a good option to save money on accommodation or transportation. You will see the discount offer when booking your flight.

Watch out for hidden fees

When you're in a rush or nervous, it's easy to overlook the little things that matter. For rush bookings, please read all terms and conditions to ensure additional charges apply. Points to look at:

How much free baggage and cabin baggage is included in the size, weight and number of pieces;

Is there a paid seat option in the cabin;

Whether prior online check-in is mandatory and whether they charge additional fees for check-in at the airport;

Is food included on the plane?


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