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Cooking on the fire is not an idea born at the same time as grilling, its primitive roots go back 1.8 million years. Homo Erectus was actually the first humanoid to use primitive tools and fire to cook their own food, and we have testimonies coming to us from cave paintings of how our ancestors roasted meat in holes in cave walls. ground. For this reason, it can be said that barbecue developed in parallel with the history of humanity in a sense.

BBQ or Barbacoa

It's actually the same thing: the first word is derived from the second. Barbacoa is a Spanish term that was added to the dictionary in 1526 by the Spanish explorer Gonzalo Fernández De Oviedo y Valdés. In contrast, the root is probably derived from barabicu, used by the Arawak people of the Caribbean. At this point in our history, cooking meat had become a practice similar to what we know now: The first Europeans to travel through Central and South America noticed that local peoples roasted meat by skewering it with sticks or placing it on grills made of grates. Wood. It was also common to season meat with spices or wrap it in the leaves of aromatic herbs.

modern barbecue

The first device for grilling using charcoal seems to have been made in 1921 by Henry Ford on a drawing by Thomas Edison, two characters we know well for many inventions that make our lives more comfortable but perhaps never even dreamed of finding. Associated with the world of barbecue! Many countries around the world have gradually developed special grilling techniques with different names: just think of Argentine asado or Brazilian churrasco. cooking outdoors.


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