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Even if you have purchased or rented a caravan, it is very important not to experience difficulties during the journey and to be sure of the necessary maintenance and repair in order to get full capacity from the caravan you will travel and stay in.

The breakdown in the caravan during the journey, the refrigerator that breaks down while staying can spoil all your enjoyment and deprive you of the desired holiday satisfaction. When you want to relieve stress, you may become more stressed. It is very important at this point that the company you rent while renting a caravan is a reliable company and that it has regular caravan maintenance.

The points to be considered at the point of caravan maintenance are as follows;

Checking the stabilizer linings

Checking the brake settings

Checking the chassis

If it is necessary to check the joining bolts, tighten, change the bolts

Replacing the door glass seals if necessary

Getting a moisture test

Cleaning the heater

Gas leak check

Glass depreciation control

Cooker control and gas leak test

Cabinet connection control,

Refrigerator cleaning control

Clean, dirty water tanker control


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