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It is possible to make the area you will use in front of your caravan comfortable and stylish with the right outdoor furniture, just like the garden of your house. But there are differences between home and caravan outdoor furniture.

You can choose either fixed or portable products for the open space of your home. In caravan outdoor furniture;

It should be portable, that is foldable, as minimal and light as possible so that it does not take up space in the caravan during the trip and does not add extra weight.

Foldable furniture includes folding stools, chairs, tables and umbrellas.

Seating parts of folding chairs and stools must be made of flexible and durable fabric. Wearing and tearing immediately will cause you permanent financial loss.

On the table, plastic can be durable and functional, but there are wooden options for those looking for elegance. Layered tables offer the opportunity to enlarge and reduce according to the number of people.

The umbrella you choose should be designed for wind and rain. Only those with shade-making features will prevent you from spending time outside in sunny weather.

Stylish pedestal lights are suitable for night use. For those who want to save power, there are options that work with solar panels.

If your caravan is small and you are camping with a large group, the portable dressing tent will be your savior.

Another important issue is the choice of barbecue. Barbecuing throughout the camp is one of the most enjoyable hours of the caravan. Barbecuing should be your pleasure, not your torture.

When choosing a barbecue for the caravan;

First of all, whichever you choose, you should make sure that it is made of stainless material.

When choosing a barbecue, you must first be sure of which energy source you want to work with. Because caravan barbecues have gas, electric and fire options.

Gas barbecue can also be used in a caravan. It works with the help of a valve that connects the barbecue to the gas system.

The electric barbecue cooks your food by means of a thermostat that emits heat under the grill. Those who work with clean energy can prefer it.

Lighting a fire in your preferred areas and using a common fire area can sometimes cause problems. However, those who do not want to get away from the traditional cooking style and the flavor of the fire can use fire-powered barbecue.

The barbecue should have an easy-to-clean design.

The cover of the barbecue must be waterproof and resistant to high temperatures.


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