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Rust; A substance formed as a result of oxidation on the surface of metals, especially iron, in water and in moist air.

Weather conditions, namely humidity, water, hot and cold, cause rust on the outer surface of the caravan. This shortens the life of the caravan.

The use of rust remover helps to solve this situation. Instead of investing in a rust remover at first, you can create your own rust remover with household materials.

Rust removers you can make at home;



salt with lemon

Tooth paste

Apply dish soap to the rust and rub it with potatoes and rinse

If these do not solve the rust problem then you can get a professional rust remover.

There are some things you should do to avoid rusting problems;

If the outside of your caravan is wet and you will not be using it in the near future, store it after it has dried in the sun.

Wheel rims and roof are the first places to rust and warn of rust. Heed the warnings.

You must keep your caravan under constant control.


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