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Quad Safari - (really) fun for anyone any time of the year

There are many fast paced adrenaline sports on four wheels and you might think Quad falls into that category... But you'd be wrong.

Quad is less about speed and adrenaline and more about skill and tactics and being one with the machine .

Quads are a lot of fun and the forest track on our Puzzle Tourism Site has very challenging areas, especially in winter . Most likely, you won't really be able to get out of second gear... But that's the whole point.

Quad - (really) fun for anyone any time of the year

As with many of our events, the misconception that adventure sports are only for men is not true.

Quad caters to both men and women, and the beauty of Quad on our website at Puzzle Tourism is that the sessions are completely individual or team specific.

Quads can be dangerous if not driven properly and safety is always at the forefront of our activities. If you don't feel comfortable, so do we.

For most of their session we are happy to wander around the grassy test area and that is enough for them. There are some cones to navigate, which is easier than when you first get on the Quad. Some people will have a thirst for more, so we'll start off with a more complex route with a few bumps and a little more mud before we're sure he can handle the jungle.

We make Quad accessible to everyone, no matter how brave (or different) you feel...

Introduction to Quad Sessions in Adventure Sports

When you arrive, you will receive the regular briefing and safety talk. It will be reminded that operating a fully open and very heavy machine deserves respect and understanding. Fortunately, it's easy to get in and you'll soon be one with your beast.

First of all, you need towing equipment to get through the mud. Make sure you wear your own comfortable clothes and we will equip you with overalls, helmets and gloves to protect your head, face and hands (especially from blackberry bushes and branches).

Next, it's time to get to know your Quad.

Our Quads are 2x4 rear wheel drive with a 250cc 4-stroke engine. It's a very powerful machine that offers electronic shifting (so no complicated clutch to worry about). They offer excellent suspension, a comfortable sitting position, tight off-road tires with high grip and are easy to control.

How to get on Quad

Are you sitting comfortably?

Sitting position is important. The Quads in Puzzle Tourism are rear-wheel drive, so it's important to sit as close to the fuel tank as possible if you don't want to play with wheels! Basically, you need the fuel tank touching your stride to reach the maximum center of gravity.

Go on

Quads don't have a manual clutch and the gears are easy to use. Electronic up and down buttons on the left side of the handlebar are easy to use. The reverse (in case you get stuck) can be found in the brake lever and reverse button combination and then the gears. Our Honda quads will spend most of the time in 2 gears of our Honda quads time as first gear tends to be very gruff and motorcycle shake.

Speed ​​up your quad

The accelerator pedal is a simple thumb lever on the right handlebar . The trick with Quad is to use a gentle movement and increase power gently - not masturbate like a student on the first day.

Drop all the fun.

You have to use the brake levers to stop it. Pull it towards you and let the Quad stop. Brakes are exactly the same as on a push or motorcycle and are intuitively easy to use for most people.

One caveat to slow down: After running through a few puddles and collecting some mud, they won't be as good as they did in the initial simple test. You don't need to make an emergency stop, but just make sure your friend isn't in front of you!

move your body

In normal situations, you can just sit and ride, but if you encounter some inclines and awkward slopes, you'll need to move slightly sideways to stabilize your Quad . Don't worry, because again, this is pretty instinctive - hopefully your own balance will kick in.

Don't stop moving - keep that momentum

The track around the forest at Puzzle Turizm is very bumpy with tree roots and potholes. When it rains, it's very swampy and littered with puddles and tram lines.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your momentum going.

That doesn't mean you did the hell up for leather, but it does mean not letting go of the accelerator when you're in the middle of the mud and still moving.

It can feel pretty uncomfortable and a bit alarming when the Quad moves sideways or leans to the side, but it's hard to completely overturn the Quad. Keep the accelerator working lightly and gradually, and prepare to run at full speed if it gets really stuck.

What will you do if you get stuck in the Quad?

We'll be with you throughout the course, but it's pretty easy to get out of trouble. Since our Quads are only two-wheel drive, you can get stuck, especially if you stop at the wrong moment or remove the accelerator pedal.

Reverse is your best friend when you're stuck. If you get stuck, engage reverse and lightly step on the gas to try and get out of trouble. In the worst case, you might need a push, but if you're with others, then you have loads of volunteers.

Some of the main causes of jamming are deep ruts or steep slopes in the ground. Try to find the dry route along the route and follow the instructor who knows the best way .

If you get into a rut, don't panic , try to find your way through them - the worst thing that will happen is that you get trapped and most importantly, you'll be safe outside of the show and your teammates will laugh.

Steep slopes are all about choosing the best route to the top and applying the force once you enter the slope. Try to avoid racing towards the hill as the Quad can go against you by hitting the ground and disturbing the handle. Sit forward on the Quad to keep the weight on the front wheels, or your Quad may tilt upward.

If you're stuck on a hill or slope, apply the brakes to hold on and try to drive downhill if it's safe, or wait for the instructor to work out the best plan.

Who is Quad suitable for?

Are they very experienced people?

Guys who like fast cars?

Tractor drivers or farmers?

Well, all that... But also you. It doesn't matter how experienced you are.

Parallel parking doesn't matter.

You don't need to be able to turn the trailer into a parking lot.

Whoever you are, Quad is really fun.

At Puzzle Tourism we take care of you and we will not try to push you into something you are not comfortable with. After all, it should be fun!

We can change the sessions according to your abilities and fears. We are totally open to the fact that some people will be afraid to just sit on Quad one, and we are very aware that some people have to manage as well. Quads are dangerous, but we're keeping a close eye on you so you don't get hurt.

If you prefer to roam on the grass in front of our log cabin, then that's fine with us. If you want to go further and show that you are reliable, we go to the woods and have fun in the mud, on the bottoms and on the slopes.

Quad is perfect for bachelorette parties as well as team building days . This is a new, exciting skill and one you will often learn together. Getting tucked in is part of it, and while it's muddy, cover up in plenty of our sexy boiler suits.

Quad sessions last one hour and give you a real sense of accomplishment when you get back to the track . Gather a team and let's go to these forests!


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