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It is very important to protect and preserve when the caravan is not in use. If the caravan is not used as a normal vehicle except during holidays, if it is kept parked until the next holiday period, a series of measures must be taken to protect the caravan from adversities.

First of all, the alarms to be attached to the caravan can be a deterrent against theft. Leaving the key in the ignition during travel, not locking the doors, and unprotected windows increase possible risks. Some measures to be taken are as follows.

Wheel clamp

Strap lock

Corner fixed locked alarm system

They are security gates with CCTV.

Failure to leave valuable items in the caravan will prevent the magnitude of possible damage.

It is very important to talk to a good insurance company and insure your caravan. The security system that you will install by following the recommendations of the insurance company will be an important step to protect your caravan.


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