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One of the great things about camping is enjoying the outdoors: after hours of confinement in an office, car or home, dreaming of relaxing in the middle of nature is exactly what we're looking for. agrees with us and decides to install a spokes in our living room in the rain and cold;

camping patios.

Most people think they're just dedicated to campers and caravans, but that's not the case as there are excellent models that are also suitable for large tents. Whatever camping experience you want, there is a patio for you!

What type do we need?

We must first try to understand what we want from our patio: it should be a cover under which we put a dining table to protect us from the sun or light rain, or we need something a little more extreme and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It also gives us some extra space? In the first case, we don't have to go crazy among the various customizations: we can choose the so-called "shade sheets" and choose the one that best suits our needs, the one that best suits our needs. sized to be placed next to a camper/caravan or tent.

real verandas

We find ourselves dealing with similar products from a purely technical point of view, not to mention more robust and efficient covers, but the materials used, sizes and accessories differ from each other. In addition it is very well insulated, there are also some extras: for example mosquito nets and blackout curtains on the side sheets, roll mats to lay on the floor and crates (also space-saving) to neatly store the structure when our vacation is over.


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