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For many, summer holidays are the pinnacle of the year, a well-deserved rest. Even RV owners book their campsites mostly during the summer months. However, there are several good reasons to choose to go on vacation in the fall or spring instead.

Those who want to avoid the troubles of the high season should first consider what is the most popular period to visit the destination. This actually varies from region to region and does not necessarily intensify during the summer months. For example, in the southern regions, most tourists arrive after the hottest period. In regions famous for winter sports, high season is naturally inversely proportional to high temperatures.

In fact, there are numerous advantages to traveling during this period. Rental caravans often sell out quickly in high season, while securing the ideal caravan for the rest of the year is much easier. In most cases, the rental price is also significantly lower. If the goal is to save money, even campsites and waiting areas offer more competitive rates in the low season.

A vacation outside of the traditional vacation period is also much more relaxing. The most popular destinations are no longer under siege and you can spend time there in complete peace. The journey there is also more comfortable, as there is less traffic and with that the risk of annoying queues. Once there, the main attractions can be visited at your leisure. And since most campgrounds aren't run out, it's even easier to stop abruptly.

In addition, many destinations also differ in the off-season: the scenery is especially attractive in autumn and spring, in many places nature shows itself in its most magnificent form. In addition, cultural and culinary events often take place during this period. This allows you to experience the region in a way that is not possible in the summer months.

Those who can't be comfortable in the fall can always chase the summer sun between September and November. Throughout the Mediterranean region, it is possible to continue to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, with the typical Mediterranean desire to live, in autumn, without the frenzy of the high season.


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