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Oltu Stone

Erzurum is one of Turkey's most magnificent cities, the keeper of the history of many nations and witnessing the birth of great civilizations. However, in addition to its cultural and historical heritage, Erzurum is also famous for the extraction of one of the oldest semi-precious stones called "Oltu".

Note that the stone deposits are located near Oltu village in Erzurum province. Moreover , it is extremely rare elsewhere in the world and the main mining is in Turkey . It is stated that the best quality stone deposits are found in Erzurum.

It must be said that #Oltu #Stone has been actively used in jewelry production for over 200 years and can be found in rings, earrings, necklaces and many more. However, jet rosary, which is known not only in the country but also abroad, has gained the greatest popularity in Turkey. It is noteworthy that for the Turks themselves Oltu Taş was a sacred stone that protected them from troubles and had a beneficial effect on health, and especially on the human nervous system.

Oltu Stone, as a rule, is found in black. Outwardly, it looks like anthracite and has a black, dark brown and even greenish tint. Additionally, in terms of its chemical composition and physical properties, it is close to amber as it is often referred to as "black amber".

One of the characteristics of the stone is that it is initially soft like resin, but hardens fairly quickly when in contact with air.

Oltu Taş has become very popular among foreign tourists recently. Jewelry made of black stone is used with great pleasure.


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