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There is a sentence that says "A traveler lives twice" and this sentence explains why caravan lovers enjoy life more.

The caravan allows you to have an experience with your family that you have never experienced before. You can discover different aspects of family members that you do not know in this experience and learn how to enjoy a holiday in nature.

It is very important that everything goes well during the caravan holiday. Nobody wants to have a four-wheel nightmare in their vacation plans. The perfection of caravan systems is directly proportional to the efficiency you get from your holiday.

One of the biggest and not very obvious problems in the caravan that you cannot see with the eye is the leakage problem. Leakage is actually a type of caravan disease. When the caravan outside is constantly exposed to rain, snow and moisture, the water that leaks into the caravan starts to eat. As a result of the leakage, the water directly enters the wall of the vehicle and over time rust and spoil the aluminum wall.

How is the leak in the caravan determined?

Having a professional periodic check will help keep the caravan in top condition without leaks. Control involves spherical observation of the caravan at every possible corner: top, bottom and all walls.

The specialist can detect the water from the smell of the caravan. The extensive and penetrating abrasive leak may have rotted the caravan's wood. Therefore, the resulting odor typically disrupts the balance of the living cell by disrupting the supporting structure.

Special devices are not required to detect leaks at this level. You need to check every point and corner of the caravan. If there is a leak, you will find a soft surface, not wet, which will show how extensive and damaging the leak is.

The second method of determination is whether there are "stains" on the interior plywood of the caravan. With an LED light, you can detect if there is a change in the color of the wood. You can also use an electronic hydrometer to check the caravan's walls for moisture. The built-in electronic hydrometer detects the amount of moisture. It is possible to check the "amount of water" inside the caravan wall by means of an acoustic signal and LED indicator.

To fix the problem;

You can replace rotten parts by keeping walls that remain intact.

You can reuse only the wetted, non-deformed parts by drying them.

You should repair the areas such as windows and gaskets that cause water to leak inside in a way that will not leak.

By using laminate instead of wood inside the caravan, you can create a strong ground against leakage.

When you are not using the caravan, if you do not have a closed area to park, you can protect it from the negativities that may occur by covering it with thermal cover.


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