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The caravan is a "travel companion" who lives together the fun and adventures you and your family are about to experience! But like all good friends, he needs attention in his trailer ...

Strange to say, but an often underestimated problem that can occur in our vehicle is the lack of control of the service battery. The battery is the true heart of the caravan, the beating center of energy, and given the centrality of its function, an occasional check will never hurt.

The age of the battery is important for its operation. You can buy a used battery that maintains its clean, shiny and pristine appearance at first glance. But this is a bit risky. Degradation over time can lead to a lack of power and efficiency, to a complete impossibility of use. So pay attention to the "ID card" of the batteries!

If the battery runs out, don't forget to charge it. Leaving the battery of your caravan without energy and discharged for a long time affects its duration more than you think.

Pay attention to the battery charger! Using the charger can be more harmful than anything else if it is old or defective. Real irreparable damage to the battery, with the risk of irreparable damage as well.

A few minutes is not enough to recharge the battery while the caravan is on. The charging time for a service battery can range from 30 minutes to several hours. Trying to charge the battery by simply leaving your vehicle turned on for a few minutes does little really work.

If you are not going to use caravans for a long time, you must charge the battery in different periods.


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