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It offers transportation, accommodation and personal space for the caravan owner. All products to be added or removed from the caravan are directly proportional to the comfort level.

The preferred holiday areas of caravan owners may be far from residential areas. Leaving and coming back from the camping area with a permanent caravan can cause extra workload and it is also possible that the place you prefer can be occupied by someone else. Therefore, it is very important to put the right products in the caravan.

Air conditioning comes first among these products. Air conditioning will provide your comfort according to the weather conditions of the season you prefer. In regions where it is very hot during the day and cold at night, air conditioning becomes one of the most important equipment.

Caravan Air Conditioners;

Classic Air Conditioning;

These are air conditioners working with 220v compressor. It should not be confused with standard home air conditioners. It can only be used as a dehumidifier, air conditioner or fan.

It allows the interior temperature of the vehicle to change effectively, with the complete elimination of moisture, then the condensation formed on the caravan roof is drained.

It only operates at 220v, so it can only be used with a 220v campsite network, a generator or the appropriate inverter kit.

Evaporative air conditioning;

The working principle of evaporative air conditioners is based on lowering the perceived temperature, that is, the temperature our body feels.

This value is influenced by four different factors: ambient temperature, relative humidity (i.e. the ratio between the amount of water vapor contained in an air body and the maximum amount of water vapor that the same air mass has managed to keep in the same mass, measured temperature and pressure conditions as a percentage) is the ventilation and humidity density.

This causes the moisture present in the skin to evaporate properly and is a phenomenon that has the effect of removing heat.

The cooling process starts with the evaporation of the water on the filter surface and the decrease in temperature accordingly.

For this reason, the cooled air is supplied to the cabinet at an optimum relative humidity of 40 to 60% and at a very low density.

It is important to balance the internal relative humidity. Because when the air is rich in water, it is easier for sweat to evaporate.

Likewise, the introduction of air with low density humidity (in this case small atomized drops of 0.002 microns) allows water to be distributed over a larger surface for faster evaporation.

Evaporation is further facilitated by the forced ventilation produced by the air conditioner.

The biggest advantage of evaporators on caravans is that they operate at 12v, which allows them to be used with a caravan in free parking without being connected to a 220v network. A caravan mounted solar panel is sufficient for the battery to be sufficiently charged for the air conditioner to operate.


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