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Netsel Marina, Marmaris

Marmaris Bay is one of the largest natural bays in the world. Its area is 366 square kilometers. It is located at the confluence of two seas, the #Mediterranean and #Aegean. For this reason, Marmaris is considered the center of #Turkish yachting. Today, there are more than 3,000 ships, 640 of which are foreign, in the port of Marmaris.

Netsel Marina, built in Marmaris, is the largest and most modern marina on the entire Aegean coast.

Shortly after the opening, #Netsel #Marina turned into a giant marine-themed entertainment and business complex. To the east of the pier are bars, restaurants and shops, as well as the offices of some charter companies. Leisure yachts dock at a small pier that connects the marina and the city, where you can embark on small cruises of varying duration (usually 1 to 10 days).

"Marina" offers its customers a wide range of services: purchasing and chartering of ships and equipment for them, purchasing and refueling, route planning, crew recruitment. In addition, before going on an independent sea voyage on a sailing ship, you can take a theoretical training and learn about navigation, navigation directions, classification of sailing ships, navigation, maritime traffic rules and safety. Standard skipper course with appropriate certification (theoretically lasts 2 weeks; it is best to take such programs in late spring or early autumn when there is still no influx of tourists to #Marmaris.

Various festivals and competitions are regularly held in the bay to promote water sports and Marmaris as a holiday destination. In late April - early May, captains and crews come here to select yachts and ships that will transport tourists to the most beautiful corners of the region all season long. At the same time, boat races are held in the Mediterranean (including Russian ships and their crews); At the end of October, the International Marmaris Yacht Races are usually held here on weekdays.


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