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Moisture; It is water in the air. As it causes many problems at home, it also causes irreversible problems in the caravan. Moisture can be treated, but the most important thing is to prevent it. Visible mold is an indication that moisture has been around for a while, so you need to look at ceilings and corners to determine if there are green-black spots.

You should have a moisture meter in your caravan. It is normal if your humidity meter shows the value between 20-25%. But if it is 40% and above, it means alarm bells are ringing. All moisture starts out as water in some form; ice in your refrigerator, steam in your shower, or rain entering the fabric of your caravan can cause moisture problems.

There are solutions for humidity;

First you need to identify the source of moisture.

If there is moisture due to a leaky window or a bad seal, you should replace it with the help of an expert.

You can get help from dehumidifiers.

If you are going to use a dehumidifier spray, you should not be in the caravan for twenty-four hours.

You should ventilate by leaving the windows open as much as possible.

You should not keep or dry your wet laundry in the caravan.

You should make sure that the windows or the door are open while cooking.


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