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Marmaris Bays

Turunc Bay

Turunç Bay is a magnificent nature corner located in the southwest of #Marmaris. A winding road through hills overgrown with pine trees leads to it. #Turunç Bay has clean beaches and sea, as well as a developed infrastructure for yachts. Tourist ships and merchant ships bringing clothes and food dock in the bay every day. There are many restaurants, cafes and nightclubs on the shore of the bay. From April to October, the fish season opens in the bay.

Turunc Bay is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts - there is a huge diving center where you can rent or buy the necessary equipment. The underwater world of the bay is beautiful and multifaceted. There are many underwater caves and rocky outcrops.

You can do volleyball, basketball, tennis and other sports unrelated to motorboating on the beach. Local authorities decided to abandon them to avoid environmental pollution and excessive noise.

Bonjuc Bay

This bay is located nine kilometers from the small village of Chamli. A quaint cove surrounded by rocky mountains covered with coniferous forests protects the beaches from the winds and creates a feeling of calm and solitude. The water here is so clean and transparent that the rocky bottom is perfectly visible even at a depth of several meters. Necessary services are provided for beach visitors: sale of drinks and snacks, several paid toilets, showers and, of course, paid services of a diving instructor, as this type of entertainment in #Bonjuc Bay is very popular. Prices for hotel accommodation are relatively low, but when choosing the most economical option in the form of three-star hotels, you should definitely pay attention to the stability of hot water supply and the operation of air conditioners, as many tourists note instability. functioning of the service.

A cozy beach with a perfect view from the window, fresh air and clear water - exactly what you need for a good vacation.

Aquarium of the Bay

Near Gumbet Bay, there is Aquarium Bay due to the small coves that converge in one region. #Aquarium has good fine sand and clean water.

The disadvantage of this cozy place is its inaccessibility. You can only reach the bay by sea, cutters and boats. The sea water in the aquarium is clean and transparent, which justifies its name. Bottom sight - 20-30 meters. During the day, tourists are brought here, and sometimes travelers come by renting boats. In the evenings and at night, Aquarium Bay becomes the paradise of yachts.

The beach of this region is famous for its sandy shore and calm sea.

Icmeler Bay

İçmeler Bay is located on the #Datça Peninsula. Hills covered with pine trees, mineral springs flowing directly into the sea and the ruins of an old monastery located on an island deep in the bay have made this place famous.

The beaches of Icmeler Bay are considered the best in the region, there are many clubs and bars. This place is considered a major yachting center. The sandy skewer of Kyzkumu divides the bay in two, adding a unique flavor to this region. Divers can explore local underwater caves and see remains of ancient pottery, abundantly preserved at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach near the settlement of Turunc received the "Blue Flag", an award for the purity of the water and the quality of customer service.

Near the bay live people whose trade is connected with the sea - these are fishermen and divers who collect starfish. The sea intricately connects the past and the present in the landscapes of Icmeler Bay.


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