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Marmaris: a magnificent Aegean holiday

Tips on the city, sightseeing and travel information

Located in southwest Turkey , south of the city of Izmir , Marmaris presents itself as a warm seaside town. With a population of around 94,000 with its neighbourhoods, it is largely comprised of a coastline, historic old town, and a harbor nestled in a scenic bay . This backdrop creates the frame for an idyllic holiday and is also decorated with mountains and forests. A great place to recharge empty batteries from tiring daily life!

Its location on the sunny Aegean Sea, with its pleasant sunny climate and numerous recreational opportunities, makes it a popular travel destination throughout the year – also for a varied active holiday around the harbor and rugged coast.

Beach or active holiday in Marmaris

The beach in Marmaris is particularly famous: it is eleven kilometers in total and has even been awarded in separate sections for its excellent water quality. That's not the only reason why many vacationers rank this place as one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. However , it is not a classic beach , but a pebbly beach with a mixture of fine and coarse pebbles . Tip: If you book a hotel right on the water, you can probably enjoy free sun loungers on the beach . These are offered to guests of most accommodations. However, you should expect that you will be served food and drink for an additional fee. If you want to keep your wallet closed, you have to insist here!

Marmaris holiday for water lovers

The beach view, of course, is suitable for relaxing on a sun lounger, accompanied by the sound of the sea. But even if you want to be a little more active at sea, Marmaris is a good choice. After all, not only swimmers , but also divers and sailors love the wonderfully clear sea water. You can also try windsurfing or take a fishing boat to see a new perspective of the resort. If you want, you can also try your luck at fishing!

Also, be sure to visit the famous marina to watch the hustle and bustle of yacht owners and the docking of one or the other cruise ship during your various Marmaris holidays . Maybe you want to take a day trip on a ferry or just immerse yourself in the city's "sea charm" as you wander around? Either way, a fresh sea breeze will blow your nose and sometimes cool you a bit in hot weather.

Places to Visit in Marmaris

If you don't want to spend the whole day on the beach and prefer to explore the region, this is of course possible. Maybe the following destinations are the thing for you.

The old town of Marmaris was built around the medieval castle . Small half-timbered houses characterize the picture here and create the perfect setting for Marmaris Castle . It was built in the 16th century by Suleiman the Magnificent. From the outside, the castle fascinates with its architecture and the view from Marmaris to the marina. Inside is a small museum with exciting exhibits such as glassware and nautical equipment .

Apart from the castle, there are few historical places in Marmaris. But the city invites you for a stroll : With a classic local souvenir hunt, you'll get your money 's worth in the old 16th-century caravanserai . Traditional Turkish products such as clothing, Turkish handicrafts or carpets can be found in one of the eastern markets . Visiting the bazaar in Marmaris also invites you to exciting bargains and for many tourists it is only part of a holiday in Turkey. You will also find freshly harvested spices and honey around Marmaris - delicious and very cheap for you depending on your bargaining skills!

In Marmaris, too, it is often necessary to “turn night into day”. Outdoor clubs often let you dance under the warm night sky and forget about everyday life. It is very easy for you to dance until the morning and meet other party people, especially in the old city area around "Bars Street" , which is known for its nightlife in Marmaris . Icmeler , a modern-day suburb and a former small town, is also a frequent destination for partygoers. And finally, you can enjoy a nightcap or two along the coastline in a wonderfully romantic setting.

A romantic break in Marmaris

Popular with romantics: an evening activity at the amphitheater

Against the idyllic backdrop of Marmaris, it is certainly not difficult for lovers to spend particularly romantic hours together. How about a candlelit dinner in the open air, perhaps directly on the beach or with a view of Marmaris harbor ? A late night visit to an event at the amphitheater can also be beneficial for couples vacationing in Marmaris. Tip: Visit the famous festival in Marmaris “Marmaris International Race Week” takes place every year between October and November. The focus is on the 1000+ exhibitors arriving by more than 100 boats and yachts. Partnership between the cities of Fürth and MarmarisIt also becomes evident in the festivities, because at the same time a German-style Oktoberfest is organized and invites you to spend active hours at the marina.

Hiking, biking and more

There are many things to do in the Aegean away from the sea: The surrounding mountainous landscape invites you to take a walk . The forested hills not only provide shade on hot days, but also reward you with vast sea views. You can also relieve stress while cycling , tour the area with an ATV or jeep , explore the area on horseback or take a romantic walk in the old town on your to-do list. Small but pleasant and with many possibilities: this is how Marmaris can be described exactly.


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