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Rising from the mountain range of Maçka and meeting the sea in Trabzon, forming the basin of the Değirmendere river (Meryamana, Zigana, Galyan), the steep-sloped valleys of the streams, the lined mountains and green plateaus, unique vegetation, wildlife (flora and fauna) richness, 3082 altitude camel crater lake (pebble lake) fed by the glacier neck, historical castles (Ğurğur Castle, Livera Castle Lower Castle), temples (Ziyanın Kayası), Monasteries (Vazelon, Soumela, Kuştul), Churches, Chapels, Kemer Bridges (Kınalı Bridge, Maçka Bridge, Stone Bridge), war sites, historical architectural structures (Mosques, Mansions), historical roads (Anabasis, Priest road), mythological narratives, culture (Kemençe), local architecture, traditions and festivals and tourism values ​​where various nature activities are held, sustainable eco -With the understanding of tourism, local tastes, accommodation, caravan-tent camp and nature activities, providing services such as the world that can be a health cure for you. my virgin paradise in.


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