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As everywhere else, the items you will add and add in the caravan will increase your comfort as long as you stay in the caravan and are directly proportional to your luxury life in the caravan. When you want to improve your caravan, there are many suggestions that you would like to include in your caravan.

To pamper yourself in your caravan;


Don't let the condensation inside the trailer get you wet. With the dehumidifier, you can prevent the formation of droplets that may cause leakage and dripping in the caravan.

Video journey recording cameras;

You can immortalize your memories by mounting cameras that allow you to record your journey to the exterior mirrors of your caravan.

Storm and wind preventer

You can use screens that can be easily mounted on the blowing side to prevent damage from the storm and the disturbance of the wind.

Electric bike

You can go uphill without reducing your energy, and you can practically complete your shopping without leaving your campsite with a caravan.

Extra closet

The storage area you will increase in the caravan provides you with extra space to use.

Thermal Curtain

It prevents evaporation and condensation that may occur on caravan windows. It is visible from the inside of the caravan, but from the outside, the inside of the caravan is invisible. It provides extra privacy.

collapsible shovel

It can be used for opening fire pits and many other tasks during caravan camping.


The compass is a safe tool so you don't lose your way.

mosquito repellent bracelets

solar panels

Devices that can convert solar energy into phone chargers

wireless bluetooth speaker

bunk sofa

foldable chair-table

Family size sleeping bag - single sleeping bag

lantern shoes



mosquito light

pocket blanket

Cooking net- ensures that different products can be boiled in the same pot without mixing them.

cooler bag

Personal water purifier- It purifies the water instantly and allows it to be consumed.

You can make toast on the camping stove and brew your tea wherever you want.

portable coffee maker


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