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The first step other than preparing the new skylight is to remove the underside of the old skylight.

There are only four screws that need to be removed before removing the top ones (a few more).

FIAMMA caravan skylight interior screws come off very easily. There is one in every corner.

This is what the interior FIAMMA caravan skylight disassembly skylight looks like from the inside with the bottom part removed.

Now we are ready to climb up and lift the hill.

The biggest danger of replacing a skylight is that you have to climb onto the roof of the camper at the risk of falling. So we should have a good ladder that fits well on the side closest to the skylight.

Climbing to the roof of the trailer

If the caravan is old, another danger is that the roof will collapse when we go up. Therefore, we should always lie down, distributing the weight over the entire possible surface. As long as we're not as light as a feather, there's nothing to stand up for.

Once we get to the top we have to remove all the screws from the skylight. The normal thing is that they are covered with silicone, so we have to help ourselves with a knife or something.

old caravan skylight

If the caravan is old, it is normal that the screws are rusty and it is very costly to remove them. It is necessary to have different screwdrivers, both flat and Phillips.

Caravan Skylight Screws

After the screws are removed, the skylight will be glued with silicone or similar, so it may not come off easily. We will remove it with a knife or spatula and get the hole ready for installing a new one. The first thing is to surround the edge with adhesive sealant.

Installing the skylight on the roof of the caravan

After the grouting has been applied, we will install the new skylight.

Installing the skylight on the roof of the caravan

And we're going to tighten the new screws that will screw the skylight to the wooden ceiling of the trailer. Let's not forget to cover it with silicone.

Installing the skylight on the roof of the caravan

This is what it will look like after the new skylight is installed.

Installing the skylight on the roof of the caravan

Then we'll go down to tighten the four interior screws and get our skylight ready.

Inside the caravan skylight

Used materials.

roof window.

Screwdriver (I recommend an electric one like mine or you might dust your hand)

stainless steel bolts


Exterior joint sealant

Glue gun.


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