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Whether you buy or rent the caravan second hand or brand new, you must have a GPS system.

GPS (Global Positioning System) literally means Global Positioning System. In all weather conditions, it has the feature of reporting and determining the location in the area where the signal is received. It is a space-based navigation system. Location determination can be made with a program suitable for computers, tablets and smart phones.

The trailer itself and the materials and equipment added to it can whet the appetite of thieves. GPS for your caravan is the only solution to find your caravan after it has been stolen.

Most trackers work with GPS software just like navigators. A signal is sent by the tracker, received by the satellite and then processed by the central computer software. Every 20 seconds, a new signal is sent so your caravan can be tracked even when it's on the move.

The protection of your caravan and your economic strength depends on monitoring and comprehensive caravan insurance.


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