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Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey
Health Tourism in Turkey

L’vie Esta is one of few clinics in Turkey possessing TURSAB and HEALTH TOURISM certifications approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism. With the philosophy of providing high quality service, it aims to bring our patients to excellent results within the Life Time Hair Transplant and Aesthetics Centre. Every detail of the service we offer to our guests is shared in advance. When our guests come to Istanbul for operation; they are hosted in luxury and quality hotels. Operations are carried out by our expert teams in full-fledged hospitals.

In our hospital;

1- Hair transplantation

2- Beard, Moustache and Eyebrow transplantation

3- Mesotherapy, PRP

4- Mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, and liposuction etc. operations

5- Applications such as dental aesthetics and treatments are successfully performed.


FUE It is the process of removing live hair follicles from donor areas one by one. After the follicles are removed one by one, ie after the FUE application, the 2nd stage is the transplantation of these follicles.

Transplant methods are:


-FUE - Sapphire

-FUE - DHI (CHOI- Transplantation without shaving)


The most important feature of the sapphire technique is that the hair looks natural, adapts to the tissue, and minimizes the possibility of necrosis with the channels opened with a sapphire tipped pen.


Follicles are removed from the nape of the person. Then, the transplant areas are determined by our expert team, considering the wishes of the person. Conditions that can be corrected with beard and moustache transplantation:


- Scar, stitch scar or burn

- Moustache thinness

- Beardless


It is the quick transfer of grafts with a special pencil technique without opening a channel.

The main advantages of this technique are:

-Quick healing process

-Natural appearance

-Frequent transplant possibility


In hair mesotherapy, the minerals, vitamins and amino acids needed by the hair are mixed and injected into the scalp with the help of very fine-tipped needles. Thanks to the hair mesotherapy method; hair losses can be prevented to a great extent. Prp method is a method used to improve existing hair. In this method, the blood of the people to be treated is taken and the substances in this blood are separated and turned into plasma. This prepared plasma serum is injected into the areas where the hair of the person having the application is weak and the hair follicles with the method called “napping”.


Dental implants are the most preferred tooth form by patients today and can be applied to patients of almost every age group. If the patient’s condition is not sensitive and there is no major obstacle, dental implants are applied to the patient’s palate with certain treatment methods, and the patient has a healthy life with a brand-new mouth structure.

The dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed in the patient’s jaw to replace missing teeth in a healthy way, and this tooth has a screwed shape mostly.


Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed by open or closed method. While all incisions are made inside the nose in closed surgery, a small incision is made from the base of the nose tip in open surgery. The technique to be applied depends on the procedures desired to be performed on the nose and the experience of the surgeon. The operation performed under general anaesthesia takes between 1-3 hours on average. A tampon can be applied for 2-3 days to prevent post-operative bleeding and to support the shape of the nose.


Problems in the breasts negatively affect the body proportion and can also make the woman’s life functionally difficult.

Mammoplasties are divided into three main categories according to the needs and desires of the individuals. These are: breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift.


Liposuction is used in certain parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, hips and face, which do not respond to diet and other slimming methods.

It is a surgical method for removing resistant fat tissues and shaping body lines better. In One Session Liposuction can be applied to more than one area.

Local anesthesia for small areas, general anesthesia for large areas performed under. Depending on the extent of the surgery, it is possible to leave the hospital on the same day or after 24 hours.


The Brazilian butt lift gives the chance of improving the body and to boost the assets by the use of the natural fats found in other areas of your body. When a liposuction with lipofilling is used, you are going to get firm, perky and natural looking shape that everyone dreams about.

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