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The caravan is your second home where you spend your holiday. It is the place where the family comes together, unique and unforgettable emotions and experiences are born and shared.

Just as cleanliness, order and hygiene are vital to the home, it is just as important to a caravan.

You can learn the correct cleaning, deep hygiene and order by reading all the detailed footnotes you need to know about caravan cleaning.

Footnotes on caravan cleaning;

Before starting cleaning, it is necessary to make the areas that need to be disposed of and to be prepared for cleaning.

First of all, it will force you to buy extra products thinking that you cannot find them where you go.

Since not discarding spoiled products that can be consumed accidentally may harm others, expired products or spoiled products due to incorrect storage should definitely be disposed of.

Wastes or crumbs formed while consuming food must be cleaned. Otherwise, ants, mice or insects may invade your caravan, which can cause undesirable consequences for the caravan.

Every detail of the caravan must be swept first, and after the sweeping process is finished, it must be wiped with a suitable detergent on the surface of the caravan.

You have to use the vacuum cleaner very carefully, trying to get crumbs into every corner, into the crates and even into the closet.

After doing this, it is important for hygiene to wipe the interior of all the furniture in your caravan with a microfiber cloth, degreasing detergent.

Another essential part of making your caravan really clean is cleaning the fridge; After emptying the refrigerator, you need to remove all shelves, door parts, then degrease the interior of the refrigerator and all previously removed components.

An important detail about the refrigerator is that you never leave the refrigerator closed during periods of inactivity, so all refrigerators mounted on the caravan are made with two types of covers, one of which allows insulation, called "hermetic". In operation, the second door is used to open the refrigerator when it is not in use, so that unpleasant odors are not allowed to form inside the refrigerator.

Cleaning the caravan's tanks and drains helps avoid many problems.

In order for the tank to be properly cleaned, it is necessary to first empty, open the inspection cover, and then use a tool to remove residual liquid such as sand grains or some algae residue. It is highly recommended to purchase products that allow the tanks to be sterilized at least once a year, followed by careful cleaning of the tank walls with the help of a microfiber cloth.

After the initial sanitation stage is complete, you can pour a single-dose disinfectant into the tank, perfect for eliminating the patina formed; After the solution has taken effect, the caravan's own tap must be cleared of the solution by opening it, so that the gray water reaches the tank and this part is sanitized.

In order to complete the sanitation of the tanks and drains in the best possible way, it is recommended to take a short drive to move the water inside the tank. In addition, this will allow water to enter the pipes, ensuring homogeneous sanitation and cleaning of your system. Then, to allow the products to fully complete their mission, they should rest for a day and then drain the water to completely empty the tank.

The outside of the caravan should be cleaned as carefully as the inside.

Cleaning products that you will use outside of the caravan should not be abrasive. Otherwise, you may encounter a leak problem that you will not want to experience at all. It is necessary to choose a sponge and brush that will not scratch the exterior paint of the caravan.


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