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There are two types of caravan, towing and motorized. There are some important things to know about the most preferred motor caravan.

The ceiling is one of the important elements for motorhomes.

Fixed ceiling; The fixed ceiling provides convenience in parking since it is low. It prevents parking problems in closed garages and multi-storey car parks. It has a feature that can be changed with a rising ceiling.

Rising Ceiling; The rising ceiling provides comfort in terms of space. You can easily stand in it. Provides comfort when passing through bridges and barriers. The main material of the ceiling is very important. Since plastic can expand with heat, it will be healthier to choose wood or metal.

High ceiling; If you want comfort and luxury, you can choose caravans with fixed high ceilings. You can put a bed in it and create space for your shower needs.

Caravans made of pickup trucks; Since the caravans made of pickup trucks can meet your daily car needs, they will eliminate the need for a second vehicle.

You can take advantage of fixed or rising ceiling options. If you choose your diesel vehicle, it will relax you economically.

Low Profile; Similar to the upper cabin, but as the extension extends to the upper part of the driver's section, it meets your needs more in terms of space.

Mounted System; It is the additional section you will add to your caravan. It takes a long time to wear, but allows you to use your caravan as a normal vehicle whenever you want.


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