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Nowadays, renting a caravan has become more preferable than buying. Which features of the caravan when renting took its place among the most curious subjects.

Caravan types;

1-Towing Caravans

There are two types of caravans.

Caravans weighing less than 750 kg are called "Caretta Caravan", and caravans weighing more than 750 kg are called "Big Caravan".

* Caretta Caravan features;

Suitable for all vehicles

Free passage through bridges

It is the size of a double bed

Suitable for short travels

The kitchen is at the outlet

There is no bathroom or toilet

It is economical

2-Converted Caravan

Panel vans are transformed into caravans of minibuses.

Camps are absolutely necessary for your electricity and water needs.

With the caravan, you can stay in a safe location or in caravan camps.

3-Motorhome / Campervan

Combined with the vehicle

More preferred in terms of security

Toilet, bathroom and kitchen available

Living space can be created completely inside


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