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We agree: We often focus on advice for campers in tents to make life easier and more comfortable for those who decide to give up the home size and spend time outside. But in the big world of the camp, the motorhome family is just as important to us! Choosing to travel far by adapting to living in the few square meters shared with family or friends involves sacrifices and some sacrifices. So let's see together how it is possible to make life a little easier for those who decide to use a caravan or caravan.

stop humidity

Those who travel this way know: One of the first things you will encounter when you get up in the morning is condensation. Especially in autumn and winter, the temperature difference between the outside and the inside causes condensation on the windows and moisture in the areas where things and clothes are stacked. In the first case, the solution is to arm yourself with an absorbent synthetic fiber cloth: if you need to leave immediately as soon as you wake up, you need something that dries quickly and does not need to be wrung out with all your might. time. This type of object is the right one: you can find it for sale on the Internet and in specialty stores, it's relatively low cost, and it's obviously washable and reusable, which isn't bad to avoid waste. handkerchief or handkerchief. paper. In case of humidity indoors, we recommend purchasing small absorbers: if you look online, you can find all kinds suitable for all kinds of spaces. Personally, we recommend the ones in the form of an envelope or bag, as they fit well in any space, can be hung, and above all, most of them are reusable.


This is ... the password. When you have very little space, saving on size is important. Therefore, it is better to organize your clothes and belongings by putting them in boxes or containers. Our recommendation is to choose the soft and slightly deformable ones, which are available in various sizes in the stores of the large furniture chains: you will have the opportunity to better adapt them to the compartments in your camper without wasting unnecessary space. better focus on hard plastic containers, which are available in various sizes and can always be purchased in stores or online.

use the walls

Or the inside of the doors in the compartments. Scattering objects on all shelves of the caravan is neither convenient nor practical: they take up space that can be used for other purposes, and also risk falling unexpectedly on the go. Instead of throwing them all in the drawers in bulk, you can buy a magnetic sheet/strip to stick on the walls and place keys, appliances or kitchen utensils there. If you search the Internet, you will find many types (made of metal or plastic, to be attached with screws or simply glued). We also recommend equipping it with plenty of hangers or hooks to secure the places that seem most useful and hang your belongings, towels or clothes there.


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