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Safety in the caravan is a very important point. It is vital that the area you stay in keeps you safe and contains supportive products to protect your health. With a set of security plans, it is quite possible to spend your vacation with peace of mind.

fire precautions;

fire blanket

dry powder fire extinguisher

It can be grouped under the headings of active smoke detectors.

Electrical problems are very risky. Electrical installations must be checked by a specialist, necessary electrical materials must be changed, electrical cables and materials must not come into contact with water.

Gas measures are; regular ventilation, full and regular maintenance of the products used with gas, an active carbon monoxide alarm and making sure that the gas is completely turned off when not in use.

After the caravan is parked, the wheels must be fixed by placing a chock kit under the wheels. Damage to internal materials is likely if it backs out or is jolted on slightly prone terrain.

It is not possible to predict the puncture situation of the tire. If you have a flat tire in a deserted area where there is no telephone reception, you must have the tools necessary to change a tire at hand.

In order not to experience an allergic situation against flies and insects, you should have sprays and repellent products that will keep flies and insects away from you.

You never know where the winner will come from. You must have a first aid kit in the caravan for cuts and other injuries.

In the first aid kit;

1 patch, 2 large bandages, 3 triangular bandages, 10 safety pins, 1 stainless scissors, 10 band-aids, 2 surgical gloves, 1 box of gas compresses, 1 antiseptic solution, Artificial respiration mask, Flashlight, Whistle, Burn cover, Hydrophilic cotton should be available.


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