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For those who are traveling for the first time and want to fully understand the caravan, some words about the caravan can be difficult to understand. The equipment and systems in the caravan have their own names, and it is advantageous for those who plan a comfortable caravan travel and caravan camp to learn these words.

Frequently used words and their meanings in caravan jargon;

wheel, axle wheel lock; It is the safety equipment attached to the chassis of the caravan by passing it through the wheel.

wild camping; They are camps held outside of an official campground.

wheel clamp; It is a security system attached to the wheel that has both functional and deterrent features.

Waste water tank; It is the tank where the waste water of the kitchen, shower and sink in the caravan accumulates.

water carrier container; It is a bucket-shaped container used to transport clean water to the caravan. Thanks to its system, clean water is transferred to the clean water tank in the caravan with the help of a hose.

Guard; It is the name given to the officer in charge of the camp area.

VIN plate; It is the tag of the caravan. The weight of the caravan, the date of manufacture, the caravan identification number are on it.

Van; It is the name of the caravan among caravan drivers.

Chassis chip; It is a type of chip placed on the windows and doors of the caravan to protect the caravan against theft. It is a system used by the police after the act of stealing.

Water inlet; It is the hose that provides water to be added to the caravan.

twin beds; It is the name given to single beds placed opposite each other.

twin axle; The caravan has four wheels. It ensures that the caravan maintains its balance.

Tracking System; It is a GPS system used to determine where the caravan is. Again, it is among the equipment included in the scope of protection against theft.

Transverse Bearing; It is the name given to the fixed bed in the trailer.

Tire press safety monitoring system (TPMS); It is a digital, screened system that shows the pressure and condition of the tires while in the caravan.

Field; It is the name given to the area where the caravan is parked.

Load; It is the name given to the weight of the materials added later, apart from the own weight of the caravan.

Clothes; It is the name given together with the trailer towed by a vehicle.

Mains Connection; It is the name given to the electrical sockets placed to provide the electricity needs of the camper or home caravan.

Converter; It is a system that lowers or raises the electrical voltage.

GRP (Glass reinforced product); It is the most used material type in the caravan.

French Bed; It is the name given to the fixed bed in the caravan.

Island Bed; It is the name given to the retractable, above-ground bed that is placed in the middle of the trailer.

Gray Water; It is the name given to the area where toilet waste water is stored and waste water.

CRIS (Central registration and identification system); It is the document that proves the purchase of second-hand caravan or second-hand caravan material.

Corner Fixer; It is the name given to the bars placed on the outside corners of the caravan during parking. It ensures that the flatness and balance of the caravan is maintained.

Central heating; It is a fixed heating system inside the caravan.

CDP (Chemical destruction point); It is the name given to the specified area for emptying toilet cassettes.

Tape; It is the waste water tank of the toilet. It can be removed and cleaned.

Dock; The number of people who can stay in the caravan.

BBQ Spot; It is the gas connection between the barbecue and the caravan that provides the gas required for barbecue.

Awning; It is a tent-like product that creates extra storage and cool space outside the caravan.


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