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It's good practice to do regular maintenance and simple cleaning to keep your camper in perfect condition, by following simple rules we can ensure the longevity of the camper who won't follow us on new journeys.

Therefore, cleanliness is not only linked to an aesthetic factor, but is also a necessary measure for all vans, semi-integrated, caravans and motorhomes, which must be monitored regularly.

While all atmospheric factors can accelerate the aging process of the superstructure, dust or inadequate maintenance can cause serious damage to the interior.

In addition, the maintenance and cleaning of your caravan allows you to carefully check its health.

In fact, when we wash our camper, we know how the paint is, whether the gaskets are still elastic or if the screws and bolts need to be tightened. And again, if the portholes or chimneys are well sealed, or if rust has begun to affect the metal parts.

Inside, when a piece of furniture needs to be glued or a hinge tightened, we can see the first signs of water infiltration.

How to clean the outside of the campervan

Of course, having a timely and purposefully equipped space, after closing the doors, windows and portholes, car shampoo diluted with water will be suitable for exterior washing.

Given the size, it is better to equip yourself with a folding ladder and a scrub brush : excellent ones with a built-in water jet that will connect to the rubber hose used for water. Here are some recommended accessories. Caution: If there are black drips on the walls due to the outflow of water saturated with smoke, it is recommended to treat the streaks and stains with one of the many degreasers for stubborn dirt or use a special one for the walls of campers and caravans.

Be careful not to use a very strong jet of water that could get between the hull and the seals, and worse if the camper is a few years old; caravan.

Parking the caravan on a slight slope will make it easier for the water to flow and dry out. If you want to polish the body, car polishes are great even for GRP walls. A tip for the more meticulous, there are specialty products for polishing and protecting fiberglass boats that are also great for campers. Suitable for preventing cracking and hardening of rubber parts such as window seals, silicone grease or Vaseline.

For plastic parts, low coatings or buffers, special products are available on the market that preserve and remove any opacity. To clean the plexiglass windows, alcohol, thinner or acetone should be avoided, and after washing with water and shampoo, it should be dried with a damp cloth or leather.

All kinds of scratches can be removed with very fine grained abrasive pastes.

For the patio, you will need to open it fully, leaving it slightly slanted to avoid water and detergent residue, and soap and rinse both the lower and upper surfaces with the help of the extendable brush.

I invite you to read this news a while ago to watch practical videos about caravan cleaning https://caravan cleaning video

Advice on caring for the camper interior

Now let's go through the vehicle, here it will be possible to check the tightness of the gaskets of the openings by checking whether there are any traces of water.

Furniture and upholstery detergent foam products that are routinely used do not have any counter-conditions, even for caravan interiors. If the walls and roof are in a non-absorbent material, they can be treated with soap and water, while permanent stains or glue marks can be removed with alcohol or oil.

Before you start washing the floor, it is recommended to run the vacuum extremely carefully, trying to reach every corner . then proceed by cleaning with soap and water and finally finish with polish. For this we recommend a self-polishing wax made of rubber and other synthetic materials or a solution of straw-colored oil and 50% alcohol for the care of all surfaces. Never use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners on linoleum floors.

For stainless steel sinks, sinks, and toilets, do not use bleach or bleach on plastic molds, abrasives, or damage to gaskets.

Certain products have polished stainless steel surfaces, while Lysoform is the most suitable for toilets.

Hygiene of water tanks

Clear and gray water tanks (if the vehicle is unused and in storage) must be empty after rinsing with antibacterial liquid.

Drain valves should be closed to prevent entry of insects or small animals. On the other hand, if it's ready to take off, it's recommended to add some anti-fermentation to the clean water tank (but useful for gray ones as well).

In the black water tank, after washing with antibacterial liquid, it is preferable to leave some purified water in it, thus protecting the drain seal.

Cleaning the refrigerator should be done with water and vinegar, then rinsed and dried. If not used, mildew and

It is recommended to leave it open to avoid bad odor formation. In order to prolong the efficiency of the refrigerant mixture in the refrigerator, it is recommended to run it from time to time, even if it is not used for a long time.

If the vehicle is in the tank, the water tank must always be emptied, including the pipes, pump and water heater.

In this way, future breakages caused by freezing or bacteria formation will be prevented.


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