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As with any vehicle, brake maintenance is very important in a caravan. If you do not understand the brakes, you should leave the maintenance and repair to the specialist. Otherwise, it can cause irreversible life-threatening consequences.

Footnotes on caravan brake maintenance;

It needs to be lubricated with a special fluid known as brake fluid. It should be done regularly every six months.

Brake pads work like a bicycle. A mechanically driven disk is fitted with a pad that provides most of its power. It carries the weight of your trailer's power and almost all of its weight when stationary. Therefore, the brake pads wear quickly. Regular maintenance is required.

If your brakes are making abnormal noises or squeaks, these are signs of a serious problem. It requires urgent intervention.

Handbrake failure is very risky. It should not be too soft or too hard. When the caravan is parked, it is checked whether it moves. If it moves, it means there is a problem with the handbrake.

When you are not traveling with a caravan, you should pull the hand brake and put chocks behind the wheels.

Failure of brake lights may not always be related to the bulb. The connecting cable may be broken. Excessive heat can be a sign of improperly calibrated brakes, and although the brakes do warm, they should cool down after about 20 minutes. Rust is a constant hazard for older motorhomes, and rusty brakes affect the braking feel.

It is necessary to be sensitive about caravan brakes.


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