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Caravan parking can be a problem from time to time. Parking can be stressful and overwhelming if you're in traffic, or the rear can be difficult to control due to its size.

Rear vision sensors are a product designed for this situation. The camera attached to the rear of the vehicle projects the image onto the digital screen in the driver's compartment. Thus, the driver can perform the parking operation in a safe and controlled manner. When the caravan is put into reverse, the rear cameras are activated and the image is reflected on the screen. The digital display doesn't just serve the rear view sensor. Navigation, radio, cd, usb operation features are also put into service with the same digital screen.

Benefits of rear vision sensors;

Safe parking;

Usually, the sensors emit a tone that increases in frequency as they get closer. When the beep becomes steady, it will let you know that you are close enough and in the right spot.

mounting sensors;

Normally all caravans have an integrated reverse gear system, if the caravan does not have this system, it can be installed later. Some systems will display a number for your remaining distance. You should make sure to follow the instructions closely and test your system before using it on the road or you may run into very annoying problems.

Economic Savings;

With the secure parking system it provides during parking, it prevents financial loss by greatly affecting possible crashes and hits.

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