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Now we can say: Summer is over. The days of good weather are getting fewer, the temperatures are lowering and the light hours are getting shorter; The only thing that increases is the temptation to relax at home, but our nature as campers in any case encourages us to act and therefore think about how to make the most of the autumn season for our campsite. Thinking about it for a moment, there are plenty of good reasons to decide to stay away from home for a few days, even at this time of year. In reality, there are no specifically blocked destinations. Our advice is to choose places where the beauty of autumn colors creates a breathtaking sight. Our country is full of fascinating places. While the leaves turn yellow and fall, a walk in the forest or a mountain road where you can see the peaks with the first snow of the year are just a few of the suggestions that autumn can give us. And let's not forget that even an off-season beach resort can be attractive, not to mention the possibility of an off-season day above twenty-five degrees allowing for a nice swim!

But first of all... why go?

One of the first reasons is perhaps the most obvious: because it costs less. Campsites lower their prices as soon as the high season ends and therefore it is cheaper to rent a pitch or place for the camper in a place that was very expensive up to a month ago. Directly related to that, here's a second reason: less crowds. Wherever you decide to go, you will definitely meet fewer people than in July and August. Especially if your destination is intertwined with nature, being a little calmer is not something to be underestimated. There's also a completely subjective variable related to climate: nice days are absolutely wonderful, but not everyone can cope with the scorching heat. summer heat. Imagine setting up a tent in the midday sun,


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