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An adrenaline-filled sports activity, Go Kart

Karting is a mechanical sport that gives you excitement. When applied in an outdoor or indoor circuit, it requires a lot of concentration and a good dose of courage.

Karting or karting is not without danger. Therefore, you will need to follow certain safety rules and learn to have good command of the machine. However, both adults and children are invited to participate in wild races on circuits dedicated to the practice of this motorsport. For your information, a driver's license is not required to be a #karting driver.

Pole position and victory is yours!

Origins of Karting ?

Karting is a sporting activity invented by American airplane pilots. It was then in 1956 that go-karts were fitted with engines for lawn mowers and wheels for aircraft landing gear.

According to the records, it was #Art #Ingels of California who developed the first karting in 1956 . Very quickly, this motorsport has had great success in the United States and #Canada .

His arrival in France in 1960 did not go unnoticed, and already many kart tracks have been opened one after another. Official competitions were born and now karting is an almost mandatory step towards becoming a racing driver.

Karting is also possible outside of competition. You will easily find a karting facility in Paris or near you to discover the delights of this exciting sporting event!

How to find this activity? How do I learn to drive?

Do you want to go karting? We explain everything for you to attend a card session.

First of all, know that it is an ideal sports activity to share with family, friends, or to celebrate a special event such as a bachelorette party or birthday.

Before starting your engine, a professional trainer will explain to you how to drive well: the accelerator pedal, the behavior and rules to be followed on the track.

Once the theory is acquired, you will need to wear a helmet and sometimes a suit. From there you are ready to race in a race and become a karting champion!

Once you're on the starting line, you'll need to learn to control your board and predict the turns of the circuit. Gradually, your driving experience will improve, especially in terms of steering and braking.

Two-stroke or four-stroke cards are powerful. They are real little cars. For a few minutes you will chain sharp bends, straight lines and beat your opponents in the best possible way!

The basic rules of karting ?

It is clear that this activity is a technical sport subject to many rules. In other words, you don't settle for any condition on a card.

• Equipment for driving a kart

– Closed helmet is mandatory. It is provided by the centre.

– It is recommended to wear wool – Heeled/open shoes should not be worn.

– No hair should come out of the protective helmet.

– No scarves, ties and other fabrics that can be caught on wheels.

• Behavior of adopting karting

- Any aggressive behavior will be punished.

– If you have a novice pilot ahead of you, let him make wide turns. And don't stress him out. Fair play is always essential in entertainment.

– Adopt controlled driving. Slips and slips are prevented.

• Karting bans

- Prohibition of going karting in a circuit.

– Install the other gear and telescope the strips to the side of the circuit.

– Consuming alcohol before a karting session.

Good reasons to go karting

Looking for a bachelorette party idea? Want to mark an opportunity for a special event? Then karting is for you. Adrenaline, excitement, pleasure, fun materials waiting for you on a karting track! In one word? Unforgettable.