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Amos Ancient City

Turkey is a real crossroads in history. The geographical position of the country inevitably determined the formation of a certain and very impressive culture here. Turkey has been affected by many historical periods. #Ancient age also left a clear mark here. This is evidenced by the large number of ancient city ruins scattered across different parts of the country.

Amos is one of them. He stood at the crossroads of trade routes on a hill above the sea. Accordingly, the ruins of the city are located on a hill. The theatre, temple, many other structures and the remains of polygonal masonry walls have been preserved. Picturesque, overgrown with ancient olive trees, the old town is charming in its own way. From here you can watch the breathtaking view of the sea. However, the theater, which has survived to the present day in relatively good condition, is particularly impressive. The finds made here during the excavations allow us to date the construction of Amos to 200 BC.

It's worth noting that #Amos ruins can provide privacy due to relative inaccessibility. Here you can listen to the echoes of an almost completely lonely ancient, but such an important age.


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