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Air Suspension in a Caravan

Caravans are designed and built for comfortable living and movement. The pneumatic suspension system in the caravan is only responsible for driving comfort on the roads. The air suspension has more progressive characteristics compared to the spring suspension, it absorbs bumps and bumps better, and provides a high ride smoothness. For #caravans, the best solution would be to install an adjustable air suspension, which will provide greater comfort and safety on the go. For Kastenwagens this is a necessary condition for a long journey.

The adjustable suspension mode avoids the problem that almost all caravans face: uneven load distribution. Because of this, the camper becomes difficult to control and there is a dangerous roll when cornering. Spring suspension cannot cope with uneven load distribution. The presence of air suspension allows you to equalize the roll by pumping the pneumatic element, thereby making the ride safe and comfortable. Air suspension in the same mode does not change its characteristics at full load or at no load.

The advantages of air suspension are the regulation of stiffness, the choice of the mode in which the suspension can be placed. While there is no noise from the pneumatic system, it is possible to create a large pressure in the pneumatic elements while increasing the stiffness of the suspension on a flat road or reducing the pressure by making the suspension softer on a bad road.

There are several types of air suspension:

Single circuit - built on only 1 axle in the caravan. There is also no independent wheel adjustment;

The dual-circuit air suspension system can be mounted on one or two axles. In case of mounting on a single axle, independent wheel adjustment is made. If a two-loop system controls two axes, it's the same as two single-loop systems.

The four-circuit system is the most complex, but also the most functional. In such a system, each wheel is adjusted. In four-circuit systems, as a rule, an electronic control unit is used, which, together with sensors, automatically adjusts the pressure in the pneumatic elements.

By ordering air suspension to be installed on a caravan, you get a number of advantages, namely: improved controllability of the camper (you can adjust the suspension independently to road conditions by changing the pressure in the system), high practicality (load capacity increases without compromising ride comfort), increased comfort on the go , variable ground clearance, the noise of the suspension and much more...


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