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We usually go camping to get away from everyday life, which is full of objects that should help us but ultimately increase our stress, after all, there's nothing wrong with making the holiday a little more comfortable. Portable battery can help us ; now there are all kinds: very small but with limited charging capacity, more bulky but with great performance, design, more or less expensive. Just choose the one that best suits your needs, because you probably still need a charged mobile phone, even if we have decided to do without it for a few days.

There is nothing better than a nice shower after a day of walking or exercising! However, not everyone decides to go to an equipped campsite, and for these people there are comfortable portable showers. Some are even equipped with a solar cell to heat the water. Find a tree or structure to place the siphon and relax with nature as the water flows over us.

We cannot do without fire since ancient times. Fortunately, we don't have to pound for hours to get the sparkle: there are excellent and comfortable camping lighters of all kinds: there's one with a gasless and invisible flame that was patented by French soldiers during the First World War, powered by sunlight, and doesn't go out even in strong winds. Prohibitions on ignition of open flames.


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