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Marmaris Pirate Cruise: Set sail for adventure! Fun for all ages.

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Service Description

Marmaris Boat Tour is one of the most beautiful tours attended by local and foreign tourists. The vast majority of holidaymakers in Marmaris take a boat trip. Marmaris geography has many bays due to its location. You can have a great time in the bays where you go with marmaris boat tour and experience this unique experience. Your summer holiday in Marmaris will be decorated with a boat tour and it will be the perfect opportunity for you to accumulate great memories. Marmaris Boat Tour is a must-have tour among the holiday program you are doing. Your tour starts at 09:00 – 09:30 in the morning and ends around 16:00. Marmaris will accompany you on this tour with its unique sea, nature and bays that cause it to be called a holiday paradise, with local and foreign music playing all day long on the boat. Boat tour road trip Akavaryum Bay Phosphorous Cave Kumlubuk & Amos Bitter orange Green Sea Aquarium Bay , which gives the right to its name to the end, is the first stop of your route and is one of the most frequented points of boat tours. Located in Bozburun, one of the most popular districts of Marmaris , the Aquarium has taken its dark name because of its location. Aquarium Bay, also known as Abdi Reis Bay, does not have accommodation and is a favorite spot for diving enthusiasts. Phosphorous Cave Phosphorus Cave does not actually get this majestic name from the phosphorus found in its stones. If you think so, you're wrong, like most peopleJ, because of the natural and fascinating beauty of taking this name. So much so that thanks to the reflection of the turquoise sea inside and outside the cave, you create a sparkling image and you are truly fascinated. Phosphorous Cave, which is one of the indispensable stops of diving activity, is another beautiful! Kumlubuk & Amos If we look back at the history of Amos, one of the most important cities of Rhodes in antiquity, Amos means temple of the mother goddess in hellenistic language. Apollon, also known as Samnaios in the Hellenistic period , was considered the chief god of this city. Bitter orange Marmaris's paradise is a former fishing town with a citrus blue flag seashore. During your 1 hour break in citrus, you will enjoy the streets, clean waters and soft sands. Green Sea The bay, which has a green sea like its name located off marmaris, is one of the most beautiful bays of Marmaris. The green sea is the last stop of marmaris boat tour.

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  • Excursioninmarmaris Booking Office, Çıldır, 199. Sokak, Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye

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