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Hiking, Caria Road, Marmaris

Hiking, Caria Road, Marmaris

Hike the historic Cariad Road in Marmaris! Breathtaking views, ancient ruins, adventure.

  • Marmaris

Service Description

The starting point of the Caria road starts from İçmeler. There are plenty of sea views and paths along the route. Our walking path is approximately 6,5 km. Ascending slightly from İçmeler, we follow the paths accompanied by images of the coast. During the walk, we will go with the scent of pine trees, sandalwoods, thyme and sage. We will have small breaks and take energizing snacks while drinking the water we bring with us. While listening to the sound of nature, we will feed our souls and have the opportunity to take lots of photos. When we land in Turunç, if the weather conditions are suitable, we will have the opportunity to sea. We will leave only our footprints in nature and return home, taking our memories with us.

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